Tangent (C64) prototype

Whilst going through the disks of Cory Kin, we found an early preview of Tangent, which was released under the Softek label eventually (which was part of The Edge) – but this prototype specifies The Edge as the label for the release interestingly.


There isn’t too much to see apart from an early background and scroll test for one of the later levels. The released version is far more polished.
There are no enemy scanner panels and the main ship is nowhere to be seen yet.


We don’t believe that this one has been digitally preserved just yet, so its another interesting look back at a game in its early days. Check it out!

» Download preview

5 Responses to Tangent (C64) prototype

  1. Yep, Hank is right.

    The original parent company was Softek and that name was used on their earlier games.

    Later they used the labels The Edge, ACE (arcade conversions), Micro Selection and RAD (both for budget games). Regardless of label the in-game credits usually list Softek as publisher/copyright holder.

    Eventually Softek changed it’s name to Edge.

    The finished Tangent was released on Micro Selection. I’m guessing it was originally hoped to be a full-price title on The Edge (hence the title screen logo here) but got demoted down to a budget release.

  2. Frank, in case it helps with anything else, Softek and The Edge were the same company. The Edge was just a label up until around 89/90, when Edge Games was formed and took all of the Softek properties with them.

    The same pain in the ass idiotic trademark troll was still in charge though!

    • Thanks Hank, my mistake in the write up – I had meant that they had just released it on their Softek label instead of The Edge, but i’ll amend that now :)

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