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Over the past few years, I have been busy porting my own C64 disks (mostly to pass on potentially lost game cracks and demos from my own collection) and work tapes with the aim of digitally archiving all of the work i’ve ever done on the C64.

There has always been a lot of odds and ends that I’ve had sitting around, and before everything fully deteriorated, I thought it was time to get everything ported over and tidied up.

After initially just porting everything I had – the next step over the space of the past year (in the odd few hours every so often) was to sort everything out, properly compress files and also document a bit of history about some of the productions. It was mostly for my own benefit, but I’ve always tried to upload and share some of the crap that I’ve done in the past, and now is no different.

Alongside games of mine that were released like Q-Billion and Synetic, I’ve included original work code disks, earlier versions and different variants. Synetic for example has builds with different later parts and score panels which I’ve included with the main files. There are many SEUCK efforts which were unfinished, a good number were actually found and preserved for the first time for this collection I’m releasing. Some were shocks, as I had completely forgot about them (Micro Machines, Last Soldier etc).

I think this is everything – there were other bits and bobs I remember, which sadly I just couldn’t find or preserve. For me, if I want to look back on some of the C64 work I did over the years, I can. Hopefully others may find some of this interesting – each folder comes with a README.txt with some history about the work in particular. It’s sort of my own big GTW entry of crap! :)

UPDATE: Added a new link for a very quick unfinished Amiga SEUCK effort based on Arnie. Didn’t get far! To load, load up SEUCK and when it says to insert a data disk, insert the first arnie.adf file. Go to Storage and then load the “arnie3.ALL” file.

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