Last Ninja 2 – Konix edition recovery update

An amazing update on the recent discovery of the Last Ninja 2 disks for the Konix Multi-system.  One disk has been read so far, and the results have been very positive – with the game being now emulated and running!

And here is the video of it up and running!

We guess that more work will also occur on getting the rest of the disks preserved and everything emulated in as close as to a final state as possible.  The video means hearing some previously unheard Dave Lowe tunes for the first time in over 20 years.

Exciting times!  More soon as we hear it!

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  1. @Martin Smith:That’s a great point about the DSP on the Konix, if you read interviews with various commercial Jaguar developers, like ATD for example, you’ll sometimes find them talking about how they’d hoped to have used the DSP to help with other aspects of game code (limited Texture-Mapping etc) but it was already maxed-out doing what it was doing already.

    I think the Konix, like the Atari Panther, was on-paper a far more powerful system than we’d have actually seen, running games in real-time, it had it’s strengths over the MD i’m sure, but also a lot weaker in key areas as well.

    Fact it was a British Console might just have created a bit of flag waving in the UK media to boot :-)

  2. I’ve read up on the Konix a bit in recent years, and I can’t help thinking it was always The Emperor’s New Clothes. In a few specific situations it was powerful, as AMC ’89 suggests, but it semeed to have a narrow ‘sweet spot’ requiring particular game styles and particular hardware tricks, but overall lagged behind the Amiga and Megadrive. The DSP hardware was neat, but basically meant great graphics or great sound. The integrated peripherals might’ve been enough, as they were for the Wii despite it not matching the 360 or PS3, but the games we’ve seen seem pitched in the wrong place – chess and sailing, for example, on a machine better marketed to kids.

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