Updates on Konix Last Ninja 2 recovery

Well, the news continues to get better – with confirmation from Mark Campbell that all the Last Ninja 2 disks were fully recovered – with the complete code, art and music recovered in all.

Not only that, but a massive bonus has been the discovery that some of the disks also contained some long lost demos which were originally seen in the Konix videos.

This includes the infamous 3D cube demo and also the Big heads game – Head Invaders. Hopefully we’ll see some videos of these soon.

There is more, with another Konix game on the cards – more soon on this as and when we have the go ahead to mention it :)

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  1. News just in thanks to RVG Interview, Dave Perry was developing for the Konix:


    Did you ever start working on games for the Konix Multisystem?


    Yes, we were working on it. I still have a case in my garage, I loved the idea that it could have a steering wheel, handlebars, flight yoke etc. It was cool, but I think they went off the deep end when they invested into moving chairs etc.


    Greyfox was kind enough to put a few Misc Questions of my own to Dave regarding Dan Dare III, Sacrifice (PC), DC Messiah, Jaguar EWJ etc so we gained a lot of info thanks to the RVG TEAM.

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