Contra and Gryzor (Amiga)

This summary of yet another lost Amiga conversion comes from contributor, Termie Gen, who talks about the unreleased Gryzor and Contra conversions for the Amiga.


Developed between 1987 and 1988, but never released it seems. Screenshots of an Amiga version found their way onto various print material, including the box art of other home computer versions of the game, shown below.

The September and October 1988 issues of Amiga World magazine make multiple mentions of Contra. They even provide 2 price points for the game, as part of a list of Amiga software that are available through phone or mail order.

Like the DOS and Commodore 64 versions of the game, a putative Amiga Contra would not be developed by Konami themselves, but another company. It could have been handled by a European developer, such as Ocean Software, given the Commodore 64 Contra is simply a North America regional release of Gryzor, also handled by Ocean. This is less likely, however. Interesting side note: Contra for DOS would in turn be released in Europe by Ocean, re-dubbed as Gryzor. Talk about a real mix-up with their conversions.

The fact that a smaller developer house, and not Konami, had likely worked on Amiga Contra means that getting a lead on this title will be much more daunting of a task. Judging by the screenshots, this looks to have been the definitive home computer conversion, graphically at least. It is one that definitely needs to be brought closure. Out of all the home computers that Contra was converted for, the Amiga could have handled Contra the best.


Less concrete information is available for this title than Contra. Most of the references to it are in magazines that advertise or cover the versions of the game from Ocean. It’s possible that this would have been the same case as the DOS version, where the North-American developed Contra was simply renamed to Gryzor when localized to Europe.

The following advertisement is present in many computer magazines, such as ACE and Amstrad Action:


Although focused on Ocean Software’s Gryzor releases, it also mentions that the title is available for PC and Amiga. The latter 2 are even interestingly grouped together and separated from the CPC, Spectrum and Commodore 64 releases.

In their article reviewing the DOS and Commodore 64 versions, German magazine Power Play lists Gryzor as being also available for Amiga (as well as Amstrad CPC and Spectrum):


A less credible reference is/was on a few websites, where they claimed that there is a Gryzor game for Amiga that was developed by Ocean Software and published by Sega. A game such as Gryzor for the Amiga computer would not go unnoticed if Ocean Software was indeed the developer.

An Amiga version of Gryzor could have fared pretty well compared to the other 4 available ones. Perhaps more information about this game may be unearthed if its counterpart, Contra, is recovered first.

Here are some additional scans thanks to Ross Sillifant – suggesting that Gryzor was not going to be outsourced.

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  1. There are here some what were advertised but unreleased, why they not added?:

    1-BOOT CAMP for PC.

    2-BOOT CAMP for amiga (colorful screenshot but the time charset is biggest than arcade, and neighter doesn’t mismatch location, neighter “Hi-Score” charset.)

    3-RUSH’N ATTACK for amiga (colorful screenshot the green beret looks like too big, there are an enemy whit an white (shirt?), the barrels green barrels are too weight, the flametrower line fire is higher than arcade, it seems there are not an extra gfx like commodore64 when the player shots secondary weapon).

    4-JACKAL for amiga (poor in colours -grey/greenish- but the POW gfx indicator are in almost the same vertical line than charset “1UP”, in he arcade their are a bit more separated about three charsets maybe?).

    • Thanks mt237. No particular reason they haven’t been added, apart from that I just hadn’t checked the released status of the other titles at the time. There’s always going to be cases of games not covered on the site, as its just myself doing the updates. I’ll add to the backlog though to get some pages up on each of the games, so thanks for flagging up! :)

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