Outrun 2006

2006 Unknown

Platform: Mobile J2ME

A short entry for a Java Platform mobile de-make of Outrun 2006, a sequel to the classic SEGA game from 1986.

outrun 2006 1

In 2024, ex-Ocean Software artist Bill Harbison would provide Games That Weren’t with a series of mock-up screens that were produced to show how the game could look on the platform, depicting a very decent looking version of the game for a far more limited platform.

Interestingly, on Mobygames is a J2ME entry for Outrun 2006, with Tec Toy Mobile listed as the developer. I wasn’t initially able to find anything of it to compare to Bill’s work, but it could well be that his work was intended for them, or perhaps Tec Toy Mobile got the gig instead?

Well, J2ME game archivist TwoSpacesSG revealed that the Tec Toy game does exist, and was dumped. The version dumped was a singular version for Siemens phones with a 132×176 screen resolution (though it is very likely other versions were released). The game isn’t Outrun 2006, and is an arcade port – so not related to what Bill was working on. You can find a copy of it archived here. TwoSpacesSG has also just recorded a video of it running here:

We hope to learn more from Bill soon and if there might be something playable out there to some day recover. If you know anything more about the game, then please do get in touch.

With thanks to Bill Harbison for providing the mock-up graphics to include on the site and also to TwoSpacesSG for his input on the Tec Toy version.


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