Star Control III

1996 Accolade

Platforms: Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation

A short entry for now on what sadly was to be an abandoned conversion of Star Control III for both the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation platforms. The game was eventually released on the PC and Mac. There is a pretty decent article about the game at

There was some brief press at the time talking about the conversions, and here are some scans for now from Sega Pro magazine (August 1996) that talk about the conversion to the Saturn (thanks to Ross Sillifant).

They unfortunately don’t give much away about the conversion itself, so at the moment we are unsure just how far both the console editions got and why they were cancelled exactly. It is hoped to be found out soon, though with the PlayStation edition cancelled too – then we suspect it was some kind of licencing issue.

Thanks to: Ross Sillifant, scans source:


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