Universal Monsters

1993 Ocean Software

Platforms: Commodore Amiga and Atari ST

A short post to share various screens from the pretty much complete but unreleased Universal Monsters that was due for release on the Amiga and Atari ST platforms. Sadly hitting development and design issues which would ultimately see it cancelled.

First of all, for more details about the development, check out the Amiga GTW page here: https://www.abime.net/games/view/game/id/1813  .  Here you can find some text which we had originally written for a piece in Retro Gamer magazine many moons ago.

What is odd looking back and with the new scans, is how the game was actually reviewed by a number of magazines for both Amiga and ST, but then subsequently never released. Gary Bracey suggests that the game would have still been released, regardless of the licence flopping overall and the scrapped plans for the movies. Then both Simon Butler and Mike Halsall confirmed that the game was never finished.

So magazines of the time had reviewed an incomplete game – not just one, but a few!  Could a final copy be found some day? It seems unlikely, but you never know. Hopefully something will turn up in the future. For though you can check out the Amiga coverdisk demo and see what you think.

Thanks to Ross Sillifant for one or two of the scans.


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