The Heist – Released on Atari / IBM PC * jr?

A quick post after receiving an email today from a Robin Gravel who has highlighted the classic title “The Heist” – a title I remember well on the Commodore 64.

In the advert which you can see here, the game is additionally advertised for the Atari and IBM PC + jr platforms. However, neither of those versions seem to be out there at all.

So the question is, were these two ever released at all? Or did they just sneak out in limited numbers?  Let us know if you know anything more and thanks to Robin for flagging this one up.

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  1. my gosh! I just loved that ad ! gorgeous..
    Reminds me of the art of Bounty Bob strikes back :)
    Oh.. yeah the game! was really fun! never knew about the other versions!

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