Where in Space is Han Solo?

1991 Broderbund

Platform: PC DOS

A short entry to kick off for now, and whilst more information is uncovered. It seems that back in 1991, a Star Wars spin on the classic Carmen Sandiego games was on the cards. Broderbund had the license in the US around the time, and Don Daglow wanted to make an RPG Star Wars game, but the Domark arcade conversion was just released instead.

han solo

This was the opportunity to do their own thing, with “Where in Space is Han Solo?”

Little is known about the game at the moment, apart from its link to the CS games. Contributor Karl suggests that it may have been caught in the transitition from EGA-PCSpeaker to VGA-Soundblaster that hit PC’s around 1990/91. All we know is that after one or two mentions in magazines, it disappeared without a trace.

However, Broderbund released Where In Space is Carmen Sandiego? in 1993 – which suggests that may well have been what the Han Solo game eventually turned into. Perhaps Broderbund had lost the licence as well? We’re hoping to hear from those involved in the 1993 release to confirm if it was the same project or not.

As soon as we have more information and details, we’ll add it to this page and post out. With thanks to Karl Kuras for the heads up and initial research work.


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