1998 Deck Six

Platform: Amiga 1200

A space trading game that was due for release on the Amiga 1200 back in 1998, and was previewed in magazines such as Amiga Computer Studio in June of that year.

ACS described the game as being a mixture of Supremacy and Re-union, where you fight some aliens, build your own space fleet, colonies and travel to different planets to trade and use diplomacy. In addition to this, the game was to feature some small adventure parts to mix up the action.


To run the game, Amiga owners would need a PPC turbo card, ruling out access to classic unexpanded systems. Within the write ups, the authors state that the graphics in the previews were unfinished, and some were just placeholders.

Early demos have managed to sneak out, one of which you can download below. A CU Amiga CD also had a preview of the game (see link below). There is also a video of the CU preview which you can check out here:

The Deck Six team seemed to be active up to around 2008 (may even still be!) and even still have an old project page up on the game at

On their page they tell us that:

“The game was aimed to be a real-time strategy game, but not like the “DuneII, Napalm, Exodus”, rather the old legendary “Reunion” type. The game was “system friendly”, but because of having not too much in common with CGX (graphic cards) at that time it was working partly in unproportional resolution (640x2xx) :(.”

It seems the resolution issue was why the game was cancelled in the end, coupled with the Amiga market really dying out by this point. It is hoped that possibly more of the project could be shared in the future, but check out the links and previews below for now.

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for the heads up and scans.



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