1993 Atried Concept / Kalisto Entertainment

Platform: Amiga (likely PC and Atari ST too)

Also known as “Quick”, B.U.D was a neat looking platformer that was due for release at least on the Commodore Amiga back in 1993, and was previewed by French magazines such as Generation 4 and Tilt back in the day.


You were to control a dinosaur named “B.U.D” (Bio-tech Universal Dinosaur), who lives within a tribe of dinosaurs who have survived extinction and have adapted to a new environment – The Amazon. The tribe has evolved, become smaller and have created new tools to be able to swim and climb within their new environment.

The story is sketchy, but from what we can interpret – B.U.D looks towards the stars and notices a flying saucer appear and crash near by. Upon examining, he discovers that the invaders threaten the safety of the entire tribe. You must fight back against the invaders and save your civilization from destruction.

Likely following inspiration from the Sonic and Mario games of that time, the twist would be B.U.D carrying a lasso that can be used to cling to platforms and swing about the large worlds. Perhaps there was some inspiration here from Bionic Commando? He was also to be able to swim and scuba dive across a variety of different worlds, as he goes between what seem to be alien worlds and his home planet with the aim to save his kind.

The game was originally due to be released in early 1993, and consideration was being made for conversions to PC and Atari ST. The game though was to disappear without a trace and no further updates.

This is all we know so far, but with articles interviewing the team (see scans), it is hoped that we can get hold of those involved and see what happened exactly – and maybe even if something of the game itself has survived after all this time. Was it close to completion, or are the screens not quite telling the full story?

We believe that the game was actually canned and repurposed into Fury Of The Furries, released almost a year late. Elements of B.U.D are clear to see, including the use of the lasso within the game. Hopefully we will be able to confirm this very soon.

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for the heads up and scans.


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