1991 Team 17

Platform: Commodore Amiga

A short entry for now, as not much is actually known about the title, and its possible that its because it never actually got that far.

This isn’t to be confused with the 2000 game of the same name, but was to be a strange licenced game based on Herbie the Beetle car.

Not much is known about how the game would have played, but a snippet in Commodore User magazine in August 1991 suggests that it was a diagonally scrolling game with 7,500 screens, hooligans, speed humps, police and other hazards. The aim apparently was for Herbie to try and get through various levels to find his sweetheart.

According to the article, you would be able to collect engines, gearboxes, headlights and nodding dogs (yes, you read correctly!) to help you in your bid for happiness.

Apart from saying the game would be 1MEG only, there was nothing else to say. No expected release dates or any other details.

Karl wondered if perhaps this was an early version of Overdrive or ATR, though the fixed diagonal scrolling specification suggests it likely wasn’t.

So what happened? Did the licence fall through or were there problems with the development? If you know anything more about this lost title – please do get in touch.

With thanks to Karl Kuras for the suggestion of covering and for the scan.


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