1992 Mindscape

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Released on Super Nintendo and SEGA Mega Drive, Outlander was also once due for release on the Commodore Amiga too by Mindscape in 1992. The game is described by our very own Karl Kuras as a “Mad Max meets Technocop” game, where there are driving sections with horizontal scrolling beat-em-up sequences.


The storyline for the game is set in the not to distant future, where the world has been ravaged by a biological weapons experiment gone wrong. Psychopathic megalomaniacs kidnap a scientist, intending to force them to build an even worse weapon to hold the planet to ransom. Your job as a mercenary is to crash into the wasteland and try and save the scientist.

The game was previewed in magazines such as The One, Amiga Action and Amiga Joker, but nothing further was heard – with just the console editions being released. However, in the letters pages of The One magazine in November 1993, the magazine confirms that the game was scrapped.


Why was it scrapped exactly? That isn’t quite clear, but we hope to learn more soon. If you know anything more about this game – please do get in touch.

With thanks to Karl Kuras and to Stephen Stuttard for the scans.


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  1. Looks similar to Sega Genesis screenshots which was the better version, imo, with its first-person driving POV. I think the Amiga 1200 could have handled this pretty well.

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