The Cliffhanger – Edward Randy

1991 Elite

Platform: Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, PC (also C64)

We have covered this title already on our main C64 site, though this Data East arcade title was also due for release on other major 16-bit platforms too of the time.

Featured in a number of magazines as news items, no screenshots of any of the conversions were ever shown – suggesting that its possible nothing was ever started.

When we spoke to Steve Wilcox many years ago about the conversion, he pretty much confirmed that was the case and doesn’t believe anything was started, apart from maybe a few early prototypes.

It would be good to see something of any such prototypes, so if you know anything more – such as who may have been behind the conversions, please let us know.

With thanks to Karl Kuras for the suggestion to cover.


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