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1985 Channel 8 Software

Platform: Dragon 32

This is a short entry to extend our Dragon 32 entries into the Games That Weren’t archive, though for three titles which were announced, but there is no evidence at this stage that development was ever started on the Dragon 32 versions at least:

The titles in question were:

  • After The Fire
  • Beyond The Infinite
  • Midwinter

All three games were being created by Brian Howarth, and were mentioned as about to be converted to the Dragon 32 by Dragon User magazine in January 1985 from their 6809 Show Highlights.

For After the Fire, CASA Solution archive has Brian mention that he came up with the title, along with any advertising synopsis associated, but never got any traction on the project. It was a similar story for Midwinter, and for Beyond the Infinite, nothing really more was heard about the game.

Was anything ever started for any of the Dragon 32 versions and does anything still exist today which could be saved and preserved?

With thanks to Simon Hardy for highlighting.

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