Questprobe 2 – Spiderman

1985 Adventure International

Platforms: Dragon 32, Commodore Plus 4

This is a short entry to extend our Dragon 32/Plus/4 entries into the Games That Weren’t archive, with what was suggested as being a new Adventure International title that was being released for the Dragon 32 and also Commodore Plus 4.

Questprobe 2 – Spiderman has been incorrectly listed as being available on the Dragon 32 by various websites, but there is no evidence according to Simon Hardy that the game was ever converted. A potential conversion was mentioned in the April 1985 issue of Dragon User magazine, but that was about it.

It is possible that a conversion was on the cards, but the dwindling Dragon 32 market was felt to be a reason to put the stops on one. Was anything ever started? Hopefully Scott Adams can shed more light in the near future.

As for the Plus/4 edition – Luca/FIRE from plus4world mentioned they also felt there could be a version for that platform too released as a secret b-side (which has been seen via Sharedata/Green Valley releases and has been seen for Questprobe 3: Fantastic Four. So was it the same for Spiderman too?

With thanks to Simon Hardy for highlighting and Luca/Fire for flagging about the potential Plus/4 edition.

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