Donkey Kong Jnr.

1984 Atarisoft

Platform: BBC Micro

The BBC Micro sadly hasn’t been graced with a huge number of official arcade conversions, but we have seen many different clones and even a Bubble Bobble conversion that never saw the light of day.

dkj scaled

Seemingly out there for sometime, there was also a Donkey Kong Jnr. conversion done officially for Atarisoft. What is intriguing is that the conversion was being carried out by none-other than Adrian Stephens, who had earlier produced Killer Gorilla for Micro Power.

It seems the quality of his Donkey Kong clone got him the gig for doing a proper conversion of the sequel for Atarisoft.

Unfortunately, around 1984 time – Atarisoft hit trouble and eventually collapsed, seeing a whole series of conversions denied release, including Adrian’s conversion work.

It seems that eventually the game was thankfully leaked and made available, so that you can play it today – and it looks to be complete too. It is a huge shame therefore that the title never quite made it out in the shops, but we are thankful that it snuck out.

With thanks to Ste Day for highlighting to cover on the site.



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  1. I searched the site for the “Bubble Bobble conversion that never saw the light of day”, but couldn’t find anything. Is that a future article…?

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