NBA Jam Tournament Edition

1995 Acclaim

Platforms: Commodore Amiga 1200, CD32

Yet another late Amiga conversion, which sadly seems to have fallen by the wayside due to the dwindling market at the time. NBA Jam Tournament Edition was a particularly high profile title which could have given supporters a huge boost, but it was just never to be.


According to Amiga Joker magazine, the game was being developed for the Commodore Amiga 1200, 4000 and CD32 platforms. It’s likely that something only existed on the A1200/A4000 overall – if at all!

It wasn’t clear if the magazine had actually seen the game running or not, describing about how the game would carry all the main features from the other versions without any loss. They suggested that gamers would be playing the game within a few weeks.

But then the game would just disappear without a trace, and its thought to be down to the fact that the Amiga was dying out at this point. Though i’m wondering just how far any such conversion reached, and it doesn’t seem clear at all from the magazine previews.

Yes, there are screenshots shown – but it is very likely screenshots from the SEGA Mega Drive edition of the game. However, The Games Machine did mention that the game looked promising from the slides they were given (Amiga?), and also ran a full-page advert for the game.

We know from the past that adverts don’t necessarily mean that anything exists, though wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a full game out there waiting to be discovered? Perhaps Probe were behind the development?

If you know anything more about the development, please do get in touch.

With thanks to Davide Bottino for highlighting and details about the game, and XenonII for the magazine snippet posted on Lemon Amiga.


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