Another World

199? Unknown

Platform: Atari 400/800/XE

Our next entry in the archives is for the Atari 8-bit home computer platform, and is the early start of a fairly impressive conversion of Delphine’s Another World – though not by Delphine!

anotherworld large

It is by no means an official conversion, and the 1992 date and credits on the title page are a little misleading – perhaps included to try and make things feel as authentic as possible. It was all infact created by a Polish programmer called Robert Drag.

With the title screen, you have the option of playing, or running the intro – but the intro doesn’t seem to be working (at least the select key did nothing for me). If anyone knows if the intro is present at all, then please let us know.

The game itself replicates most of the start of the original game. It isn’t 100% accurate in terms of the style of the character, and there have been some own interpretations made. Controls are a bit awkward at this stage, and there doesn’t seem to be any running – which makes getting away from the beast a little frustrating.

Features such as the beast moving in the background are missing (replaced by a static version that moves as the screen changes). You also start, coming out of the water – rather than being submerged and trying to swim up. Then the guards at the end of the level are not present at all.

It seems that some of the second part is in place, but I haven’t been able to get much further, as the cage does not kill the guard. It might be that there is more beyond this point – but may require some hacking. If anyone discovers more content, then please do let us know.

So, was this a real attempt at trying to convert the entire game across – or just done for a bit of fun? Did it get any further than this at all? We hope to get hold of Robert some day to learn more and get some more details about its creation.

With thanks to [Please get in touch – I’ve mislaid who suggested covering this game!] for the suggestion of covering this title.



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