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By the creators of Polar Pierre, comes Adam – Caveman, another platform game in the same style.

Bizzarely this title never had a release, and still remains at large today. Could it be the game was a pile of old cack? What happened?

We are desperately without information on this title, and therefore hope to dig up a lot more on the game. We assume that the game was by the same developers as Polar Pierre, but we need to chase up this possibility first. The game style looks a little different.

An advert was shown in issue 19 of Zzap 64, but then never appeared again. It appeared alongside Polar Pierre and was advertised as being available for both the C64 and Atari. You can check out the advert here.

The game itself seems like a BC’s Quest for Tires style of game, mixed with a bit of Frak for good measure. Maybe it was for that reason that the game was canned?…. Not even the Atari version exists. Maybe Databyte went under just before this one could get a release? (This and Mumbles Super Spy didn’t quite make it.. and only Polar Pierre did).

Art Huff confirms he had nothing to do with this game – so he was removed from the credits.

Does anyone know any more about this game?… We need a lot more of it, and some leads too!

More information needed…

Contributions: Art Huff

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  1. Michael Strorm says:

    Just to clarify; I meant the “box art” style was different in style to the reused US-release artwork one would typically expect.

    But the in-game graphics themselves are different too, yes. They look like they *might* be impressively cartoonish, though it’s hard to be sure given the lowish resolution of the printed image.

    FWIW, I had a game for my Atari 800XL called “Nuclear Nick” by Ron Rosen, which was (AFAICT) only ever released via US Gold’s “Americana” label, i.e. a UK market budget release. This is odd given that his other games appear to have been originally published in the US as full price releases (some later distributed in the UK by Databyte). Maybe they decided not to release an Atari-800-only game into the fast-changing US market?

    So it’s possible that Databyte might have picked up a game that wasn’t already distributed elsewhere, but… it’s all still somewhat odd!

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