Addams Family V1


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

This entry originally began as a possible V1 hunt, but it has been confirmed that Finlay indeed programmed the version we all know (and love?).

However, a recent conversation with Wayne Billingham showed that a Cartridge version was being produced. This new version was worked on by Finlay Munro, who also worked on the unreleased Kick Off 2 Cart and Captain Dynamo 2.

It is very likely that the cartridge version would have featured many enhancements and possibly some new graphical screens between levels. We are hoping to find some bits of a possible set of extras for the game.

Wayne Billingham mentioned the following…

"While at twilight (after doing Wrestlemania for Ocean) we did
Coolworld (tape/disk) and the Addams Family game for c64 cartridge..

I dont remember much about it, I think it was a conversion off something like the nes, ..coded my Finlay Munroe, who’d worked on lots of stuff at alternative(lots of cheap budget games)..he did wrestlemania and coolworld, and also captain dynamo 2 which i mentioned before.."

Finlay expanded and said the following…

"Pretty sure Addams Family came out – maybe It was Addams Family 2 or something? I’ll have a good look and see if I’ve still got a copy of it knocking about. As far as putting stuff onto cartridge goes though, It wasnt something that I did very often. The only one that I really remember doing was WWF for ocean, and I only remember that because I did it over xmas and there was a bastard bug with the decompression that took ages to track down."

This is all we sadly know at present. We need to talk to Finlay more about how much extra was done, but we now know at least that Finlay was not working on a version never seen before, but just an enhanced version of the game on cartridge.

We assume the cartridge release failed because the format was found to be a flop with the GS, and it was far cheaper to just do a tape/disk option.

What happened… did any cartridge get produced?…

Contributions: Wayne Billingham, Finlay Munro

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