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By the creators of Polar Pierre, comes Adam Caveman, another platform game in the same style. Bizarrely this title never had a release, and still remains at large today. What happened?

We are desperately without much information on this title, and therefore hope to dig up a lot more on the game. The first assumption to make is that the game was possibly by the same developers as Polar Pierre, but we need to chase up this possibility first. The game style is very different from those games, which suggests it is more likely to be a completely different team who were involved.

An advert was shown in issue 19 of Zzap 64, but then never appeared again. It appeared alongside Polar Pierre and was advertised as being available for both the C64 and Atari. You can check out the advert here.

The game itself seems like a BC’s Quest for Tires style of game, mixed with a bit of Frak for good measure. Maybe it was for that reason that the game was canned?…. Not even the Atari version exists. Maybe Databyte went under just before this one could get a release? (This and Mumbles Super Spy didn’t quite make it.. and only Polar Pierre did).

Art Huff confirms he had nothing to do with this game – so he was removed from the credits.  We don’t believe the others listed in the credits were involved either, but until we get confirmation – they are listed with (?) alongside their names.

Thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni, the game was found to have been reviewed and listed as available for both Atari 800 and C64 in MC Microcomputer (See scans – interestingly showing Galivan as a screenshot and also Mumbles Superspy), which Fabrizio reports was a usually reliable magazine.  The magazine suggests it was good graphically and played well.

Apparently the game was available from Mastertronic, an Italian distribution of the UK company.   Computer Boss International also listed the game as available on both cassette and disk in an advert within Swedish magazine Dator Magazin (see scans).

In July 2021, contributor Krótki made a good spot that the style of the game is quite similar visually to those created by Optimum Resource, Inc.    As Krótki rightly points out, there is no link with them to Databyte, but it is something to chase and check out/rule out.

So it seems quite possible the game was actually completed.  So what happened to it?  And who was behind it as well?

Contributions: Art Huff, Fabrizio Bartoloni, Ross Sillifant, Krótki

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