Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

The first in a series of three remarkable games, but most remarkable for the fact that only the 3rd game in the series has been finished and released at a crap game competition in recent years.

Ake starts his adventure in a game dominated by C64 Basic character set graphics, but neat little hi-res overlayed sprites, which animate fairly well.

The main character does not respond too well, and jumping is buggy, and no progress can be made past this first screen, so its assumed that this is it.

Some Christmas music plays as you try to make sense of what the game has to offer, which seems to be in the right direction in terms of sprites, but not anywhere else.

Johan will hopefully enlighten us on this game very soon, and maybe introduce us to more of the game. Watch this space.

A great character idea, but game design is missing…

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