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A short entry for a title that has been highlighted by Peter Weighill as one which is currently missing.

Described as an “Incredible Sailing Simulation”, the game interestingly requires two joysticks – supposidly to control the boat.

Martin/Stadium 64 has highlighted that there was a “Cup Challenge” game which seems to fit the description, and also includes a Kangaroo image on the loading screen,  which features also in the Am-Cup advert.  It could be just a co-incidence, and might be a logo from a famous Australian team perhaps – but its from the same era and could well be the same game:

We’ll do some more investigations soon – but we’ve added some credits for the meantime until we find out for sure.

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Martin/Stadium64

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2 Responses to Am-Cup

  1. Martin says:

    This might be the US release of this entry; Cup Challenge,
    And I think the Cup Challenge was released in Australia, the same coder have a game that belongs to Ozisoft.
    Both the ad for Am-Cup and Cup Challenge-loading screen have a kangaroo.

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