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A short entry for a title that has been highlighted by Peter Weighill as one which is currently missing.

Described as an “Incredible Sailing Simulation”, the game supports up to two players as well. Martin/Stadium 64 has highlighted that there was a “Cup Challenge” game which seems to fit the description, and also includes a Kangaroo image on the loading screen, which features also in the Am-Cup advert. It could be just a co-incidence, and might be a logo from a famous Australian team perhaps – but its from the same era and could well be the same game:

Contributor Marc Walters has confirmed that the game is indeed the very same game as Cup Challenge. He had the following to say:

“Yes, this is the Australian game “Cup Challenge”. Andrew Farrell was editor, and later owner, of the newsstand magazine “Australian Commodore & Amiga Review”.
The “PA” in the copyright notice is short for Prime Artifax, which was Farrell’s publishing business. Farrell also wrote “Forest Raiders” and “Typing Tutor”, which was a pack-in software title for the Commodore Australia’s Commodore 16 Family Pack.
However, don’t mistake it for the other Australian America’s Cup sailing game from Microforte, called “Arnie’s America’s Cup Challenge”. That game was published in Europe as “America’s Cup Challenge” and by Activision in the USA as “The Official America’s Cup Sailing Simulation”.”

So it seems the game was picked up for US based release. Not sure exactly how different it would have been to the original game, but probably not much.

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Martin/Stadium64, Marc Walters, Andrew Farrell

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