Galaxy Patrol

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Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A short entry for a title that has been highlighted by Peter Weighill as one which is currently missing.

A game that was apparently two years in the making and described in the advert as follows:

“Have you ever wanted to pilot your own starship? Well commander, GALAXY PATROL will challenge you to the edge of the universe. You will encounter black holes, relentless Zugorian warriors, and mighty Zugorian warships, all displayed with up-to-date graphics. Great skill will be needed to land on planets. This one-player game also allows you to communicate with the enemy during combat. The future of free planets is in your hands!”

It seems that it may have been a kind of Elite/Star Raiders style game, which sounds pretty interesting.

Sadly nothing more is known about the game and if it was ever actually sold at all. Can you help us find and preserve it?

Contributions: Peter Weighill

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