Altered Abilities

Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

An interesting creation by Altered Abilities, bringings in a ship similiar to the mothership in Firebird’s "IO".

The preview which made it out is packed with a sneak peak of the title screen and hi-score tablentures, which are quite good, but do not currently link to the game.

The game itself looks good, and could be good, but the preview doesn’t allow to get the feel for the game. You are basically trapped as soon as you start, and cannot easily navigate past the rocks to progress. Dying is therefore easy, and bugs prevent you from continuing, as the game crashes afterwards.

You can see the end sequence right away thanks to the preview that has been cracked, and unfortunatly doesn’t really offer much satisfaction if you were to plough through a full game.

The game features some great music by Reyn Ouwehand, and not much else is known about the game, apart from that it may have been planned for a future Magic Disk in Germany.

GTW is going to try establishing contact with the game’s producers to find out more about the game and if there exists a more advanced version than we have right here.

Good looking, but not currently too much under the bodywork…

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