Sword Of The Samurai

Microprose Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Sword of the Samurai was a strategy game set in 15th Century Japan, written for the PC in 1989 by Microprose Software. It was a fairly well recieved game, and some people had fond memories of it:


As you can see from the advert scan, a C64 version is promised as coming soon. So what happened to it?…. Was Sid Meier possibly involved in it?

This is not the same game as the US Gold game of the same name, but something that was surfacing much later.

Do you know anything more about this conversion?

Contributions: Peter Weighill

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  1. Rather unlikely considering

    A) It was done by Microprose’s internal division MPS Labs .
    No game that was done by MPS Labs was ported to C64 (or any other 8bit platform anyway)

    B)”Sword of Samurai” came out in 1990.
    Was n’t the last Microprose C64 -and Sid Meier’s also- games (Red Storm Rising?) – came in 1988 ? (after that -if i am not mistaken- all Microprose C64 stuff
    was either done by their sub labels Microplay/Microstyle or by their recently acquired Firebird & Rainbird).

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