Amphora of the Star God

Wisdom Soft

Status: Full Game, Findability: 2/5

Also known as: L'Anfora del Dio Stellare


Our next entry is a very early text adventure that was created by Ivan Venturi, who went on to produce a number of titles for Simulmondo. With thanks to Damiano Gerli for highlighting.

Ivan was just 14 years old when he wrote this game, and it was thought lost until surfaced via The game was primarily a personal effort, but attempts were apparently made to sell the game to publishers. It never happened, and so the game remained gathering dust.

So here it is now finally, and an early glimpse at Ivan’s earliest work thanks to Ready64. You will need to know Italian though to play it, so if not – then ensure you have a translator ready :)

Thanks to Alex from CASA Solution Archive, a fixed version has been made and can be found under the downloads. See comments for details about the bug. The full solution can also be found at

Contributions:, Damiano Gerli, Alex

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