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Also known as: The Fisher


A very interesting and unreleased Ocean Software game which hasn’t really come to light until 2024, and it’s thanks to the Ocean Software group on Facebook, which is maintained by Mark R. Cobley-Jones.

Mark recalled Ocean having to create a fake game for the series Dramarama and an episode called ‘Making Waves’ in 1988. In 2024, the episode turned up on YouTube, where Mark was able to take grabs of the fake game running.

It has been established that the game was developed by none other than Paul Hughes, with additional code by John Palmer. John also created all of the graphics that were included. Jon Dunn even created some tunes for the game, which were never heard in the program.

It was just a very simple game by the looks of it, where you have to hook and catch a fish. We’re not sure if it was fully playable, or just a sequence of events. However, we may get to learn very soon just what it entailed overall.

Paul has confirmed that he has all of the source code still, along with Jon’s music – so there is hope we can see the game compiled up and added to the GTW archives. According to the source listing, it looks like the game was started around January 1988, with Jon starting the music on the 2nd January.

Very exciting, and we hope to have more for you soon.

Contributions: Mark R. Cobley-Jones, Paul Hughes

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