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Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Our next entry into the archive come thanks to Gareth Pitchford, who flagged up this currently missing text adventure game by Graham R. Webber.

The game was actually published by Satchel, who were a software arm of Angle Park Computing Centre in South Australia. It was written first for the C64, then converted to the Amstrad CPC (currently preserved) by David A. Simpson.

It is likely the C64 version was released, but it is yet to be preserved – so we add this entry to help put out a search for it.

EDIT (06/12/2021) – Contributor Rio Baan from Gamebase64 has confirmed that they have recovered the game and it will be appearing in Gamebase v18.  Case closed!

Contributions: Gareth Pitchford, Rio Baan

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06/12/2021 – Case closed, as game preserved by Gamebase64 and confirmed released.

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2 Responses to Anna

  1. Hey Frank. I managed to source this one amongst a lot of other long-lost and thought to be gone forever Satchel releases from a guy who had them tucked away in his shed for a good 30 plus years! The disks were used in a local school and were absolutely filthy and needed a clean, but I did manage to make a dump of this game and a number of other never-before-seen Satchel releases. They’ll all make an appearance in Gamebase v18 (whenever that lands!).

    Anna in particular came with a lot of other paperwork in the box to help simulate the life of the aforementioned Anna’s journey to South Australia.

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