Arc Doors 2

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Another GTW title which has been sat in waiting in the GTW file for almost an eternity…

Arc Doors 2 is a sequel which was apparently in production by New Entry, after the success of the first game, which was an addictive extension of the classic Frogger genre.

At the moment we at GTW have only news of the game being in development, but have no other information at this time. We are assuming that the game would have taken the shape of the previous game, but with various improvements and new level designs.

We got in touch with Michal, who had the following to say…

"I remember Strip poker (nice to see screenshots from the game again). However I can’t remember a thing about Arc Doors 2. I believe we even didn’t start on such project.

We were working on a pinball game, but it was also early beginning. You know, after that years it’s hard to remember. "

It is possible that the development team decided to move on from the C64, and found it not to be profitable anymore… Possibly after their Walkerz game they did.

Just how far the game got is unknown at the moment, but it seems that this game never quite got started. Maybe someone else can shed some light?…

Ribbit… Ribbit…

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