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Here we have an unofficial and very decent version of Asteroids that was developed by Jesper Brinkkjaer and Tommy Tamsen back in 1984. Confident they had done a good job, they tried to sell it to Atari – but had it rejected.

The game remained unreleased for almost 40 years, until Tommy Tamsen preserved and released the game on his webpage. This was tidied up and properly packaged by Hokuto Force in November 2022, which you can find a download of here.

It is great to see Jesper and Tommy’s work saved and made available to others to enjoy, and see what could have been an official conversion, had it been picked up.

We’ve also included a download of Yatzy 64, which they did before Asteroids and doesn’t yet seem to be preserved in the likes of Gamebase 64.  So grab both and check out the early talents of both developers.

Contributions: Hokuto Force, Jazzcat

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