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A short entry for a compilation tape that was advertised by Swedish magazine Allt om Hemdatorer (All about Home Computers) in 1984.

Thanks to an anonymous contributor, the ad translates as follows:

Already today you can buy

No 1    A Mystax product   1984
The cassette-based magazine for VIC-64 (Swedish name for C64)
UFO-64: Action in space, complete all 15 attack waves
DRACULAS SLOTT (Dracula’s castle): Text adventure in Swedish. Cold shivers guaranteed!
BOSSO: Cool machine code action. Hunt for diamonds, chased by monsters, hurry up…
BREAKOUT: Old favourite in a new action-filled suit.
ARTISTEN (The artist): Become a new Rembrandt on the TV screen.

All of the titles seem to be currently at large, but if we’re wrong – please let us know. BOSSO in particular sounds very promising and surely someone must have brought a copy of this tape?

Apparently Mystax AB went bankrupt at some point – so did that prevent the game from ever being released to anyone? They have some games in Gamebase at the moment, but nothing matching the above.

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