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Atlantis was to be a simple arcade platform affair with a guy in a diving suit.

The game was advertised in an old issue of Your Computer, advertised for the Spectrum, C16 and C64. Unfortunately the C64 version never surfaced, but both the Spectrum and C16 versions did!

Here is the Spectrum verison

And here is the C16 version

The screenshots however in the advert seem very similiar to the C16 version, but with some minor colour differences which look very close to the C64’s pallette.

Could the C16 game be a cut down version of the C64 version, and therefore was Sam Manthorpe involved in the C64 game?

Well, Sam has got in touch and has confirmed that the intention was to do a C64 conversion, but it never got started – due to finishing his A-levels at the time. Also, Anirog wasn’t too keen on the game, and so it was left off the platform.

Very much a case closed!

Contributions: Sam Manthorpe

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15/12/15 – Sam Manthorpe confirms that the C64 edition was never started! Case closed!

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  1. I did the C16 version. I remember working with the C16 to be real challenge after the awesomeness of the C64. I definitely didn’t do the Spectrum version, I never coded in Z80 and never owned a Spectrum. The game was heavily influenced by Broderbund’s “Drol”, which I loved for its style and quality. IIRC, the intention was to do a C64 version, but that never happened, mostly because I was finishing my A-levels at the time and one of the co-founders of Anirog (Anil) didn’t care for the game much.

    — Sam

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