Shao Lin’s Road V1

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Status: Preview, Findability: 1/5

A very quick entry – but on some disks converted from Darren Melbourne by, some graphical assets for an aborted Shao Lin’s Road conversion was found. The graphics were done by Ned Langman as one of his first ever C64 projects.

Very early stages, with a main sprite and basic animations – and a level map mockup.

There was controversy over a low review in Commodore User, and Edge suggesting a pre-release version was reviewed, but we are guessing it was just the company having sour grapes. We’ve added the scans anyway thanks to Ross Sillifant.

Check them out, but looks like we could have the beginnings of something a little different to the final version. We hope to learn more about it soon!

Do you know anything about this conversion?

Contributions:, Darren Melbourne, Ross Sillifant

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03/03/16 – Old review scans added thanks to Ross Sillifant.

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  1. Indeed, there was a 3rd letter, this time from a reader, explaining to The Edge just how far off the mark their comments were and basically to stop making excuses for such a poor game on the C64 :-)

  2. Just forwarded you over the C.U review and then the letter The Edge sent, claiming C.U had somehow gotten hold of a different, pre-production version and wanted to know just how it found its way to the C.U offices :-)

    • Thanks Ross, I think in this case it was sour grapes by Edge, but i’ve added them anyway as an interest point :)

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