Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes

Global Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A rather ambitious title which comes in the form of a 3D Vector game by Global Software, with an article from Computer and Video Games bringing this to light as a production. Spectrum and Amstrad versions were the main ones in development, and the C64 version was planned possibly as an afterthought, or maybe after they assessed the possibility of the port.

Essentially this was based on a poor film which was made years ago, and I think the game was to be a light hearted fun maker of the film.

I’m not quite sure how the game played, but this could have been a rather interesting title to see. Darren Melbourne shed some light on the conversion, even gifting GTW with knowledge of the developers on the game…

“The game was comfortably underway when Global Software ran out of money. the team were never paid any of the milestones that they were owed and as such all development work was halted.

The C64 managed an impressive speed considering it was not an ideal machine for isometirc stye games that were priority intensive. However Charles Lawrence and Ned Langman managed an outstanding job at the time.”

So now we are looking for something which wasn’t that bad, and could well be at a good stage of completion. We are in the knowledge that this game was running at good speed for a C64 vector game. With programmer names, we can begin searching!…

Strangely a sequel apparently was produced by Visions, who Global Software may have turned into. This sequel also did not get a release on the C64, but as far as we can tell, this particular game was not advertised for the C64, though it was mentioned in Computer Gamer, where the scan can be found thanks to Peter Weighill.

Can you help find the developers?…

Contributions: Peter Weighill, J2003c, Darren Melbourne, Ross Sillifant

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04/04/14 – Added scan from CVG thanks to Ross Sillifant

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