Australian Games

U.S. Gold

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Also known as: Aussie Games


A short entry for a game that has seen a release, but only it seems in the US and Spain. Australian/Aussie Games was a sports multi-event that was created by Beam Software and a sort of piss-take of California Games.

Martin/Stadium64 got in touch as it seems that the game was actually due for release in the rest of Europe by U.S. Gold. When you look at the Spanish release, it has a different loading screen with U.S. Gold mentioned the U.S. Gold loader and PAL fixes not present in the Mindscape version.

However, oddly the tape edition released in Spain seems a bit unfinished, with a basic options screen and a seemingly rough/rushed loading screen.

One possibility is that Mindscape were planning to release games in Europe themselves, or was it that U.S. Gold thought it would be too close a competing/confusing title to California Games which they had previously released?

Either way – something of the game is out there, but it seems highly likely that a further Europe-wide release was in the planning and just didn’t happen for reasons as yet unknown.

If you know anything more, please get in touch.

Contributions: Martin/Stadium64,

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  1. it’s not so odd that the tape version had to be cut down in the unnecessary parts, compared to the disk version. Less loading time

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