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Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

Ball is a neat preview which was uncovered in 2013 by Joachim Wijnhoven on some of Charles Deenen’s disks.

The game itself is at a fairly advanced stage where you control a bouncing ball (similar to Head The Ball) which can fire bubble like shots. However there is no collisions for enemies at present, but you can fall off the platforms to your death.
In total, two previews have been uncovered which demonstrate two levels it seems.

Presentation wise, the game comes with some great logos and hi-score table presentation and a series of (mostly non-functional) options. The game was really looking polished overall.

There is no music or sound effects at this stage, but credits suggest that Maniacs of Noise (and probably Charles) were due to compose the music and SFX for the game.
It is likely that the disk came from Dream Systems and was supplied to Charles Deenen so that there was a reference point to compose music. There is currently no music in HVSC which fits the description of the game, so we do not know if the sound was ever started.

So what happened exactly to the game itself? It has only surfaced thanks to Joachim going through Charles’ disks it seems. Can Bent Davidsen or Dennis Hansen shed any light for us?

Early days until we learn more, but for now – check out the two previews (first two files on the disk – there are some bonus demos there too)!

More soon on this title we hope!

Contributions: Joachim Wijnhoven

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