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Shuttle is potentially a game that never really got off the ground unfortunately. A game by Steve Davis around 1987 time, this was first mentioned in a demo of the same name by Steve that was released on Compunet, and mentioned that Shuttle was a game to be coming soon.

In the scrolltext of the demo, Steve details what the game was going to be like:

“Ok, now let me explain what the game (if it ever gets finished) is all about. You are in control of a USA Space Shuttle and your mission is to destroy a gigantic space ship made up of never ending large plates of metal. It’s meant to be a fast shoot-em suicidal game. It is a 360 smooth scroll.

There are never ending fleets of ships which are constantly patroling the ship and will attack you. The graphics are like that of the game Uridium (Oh no you all say!). Well its going to be better and colourful. You must give credit to these machine code programmers because its flipping hard! Are you all bored yet?”

The demo released was Steve’s first demo and there is no evidence that he did any more code (His handle was Jellybean on Compunet). It is very likely that the game never really got started or progressed past this demo. But it is a piece of history to preserve non-the-less.

Hopefully some day, Steve will spot this page and will get in touch to shed some light. Maybe surprise us all with a preview of the game?

Contributions: Joachim Wijnhoven

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