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03/01/14 – Added company name.

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Another title which has had plenty of work on the presentation to feel like it should be more complete, but at this stage there isn’t a huge amount to do.

The game just has you having to avoid balls that are falling from the sky – but there is no real interaction at this stage, just a lot of effort made it seems on the graphics.

Did the game get any further than this? Was it meant for any company in particular? We have the developer’s names listed, so we hope to find out from them very soon what exactly was planned for this game.

Note – the game is not the same as the 1990 Cosmos release.

Contributions: Ole Mogensen

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2 Responses to Ballfever

    • Thanks Ole, i’ve added the company name which I missed out and a quick note to say that it isn’t the same title as the 1990 Cosmos release.

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