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Nodule is nothing out of the ordinary, and repeats a genre of game that has been done before.

Here you control a blue blob which has to navigate past green obstacles, while not touching them and avoiding worms. All within a time limit. The screen scrolls, and you need to get through as quick as you can.

The graphics are quite good, but the playability is quite lacking. Does a later version exist that offers more than this?

Thanks to Gaz Spence, who spotted the game on Gamebase64, the game seems to have been intended for release on Loadstar magazine but didn’t quite make it. It however has given some credits to add to the title.

Another game that GTW hopes to find out more about in the future, if it ever finds the credits first that is!

Contributions: Gaz Spence

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11/08/20 – Publisher and credit details added.

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    • Just checked Gary, and Loadstar is in square brackets – which suggests it was unpublished, but intended for publication by Loadstar. Interesting link though – so hopefully that will lead to finding out what happened. Credits obtained too, which is great :)

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