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Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5


Even some 20 years on, there is still no slowing up of cancelled titles and previews being recovered and long may it continue as yet another title is unearthed.

Base was due to be released back in 1986 by German software company Golden Games, who released a number of titles back in 1986/87.

By the looks of this early preview, the game was to be a sort of Star Control space exploration game, with elements of fuel and overheated cannons to contend with. Before the game starts, there is a series of checks listed on the screen, confirming that oxygen, reactor, lasers and more are all ready. This was certainly not planned to be a simple shooter by any means.

The finding was made thanks to Csaba Virag on a series of German disks. Possibly this was part of a submission made to Golden Games at the time, but we don’t know if the game was signed up and if it even progressed any further than this. The preview has only the sprites of the main ship and nothing much else tucked away.

Although it seems the graphic artist didn’t do anything else apart from this game, the developer Michael Niemeyer would go on to develop/work on Soul Crystal for Starbyte Software in 1992. It is hoped they can be tracked down sometime to learn more about this title.

If you know anything more about it, please do get in touch. Thanks to Csaba for finding the game and we hope you enjoy taking a look at this curiosity.

Contributions: Csaba Virag

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