Blind Panic

Electronic Arts

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Yet another title which had graphic work being done by Haydn Dalton, but again another title we don’t know that much about at the moment, until we chat to Haydn about it.

We have no idea who the game was being programmed by or how long it was in development for. We are guessing that Haydn must have done some graphics for it to accredit himself to the graphics in the first place. Sadly these are long gone now and its down to us to find the programmer of this game.

Haydn recalls the following about the game…

"This title was being developed for Electronic Arts at Binary Design; it was a Gauntlet-esque game. I initially worked on the C64 version, but also went on to help out with the Amiga/St versions of the game, I think I even did some Spectrum work for that one too. I have no idea why the project was canned, the only other person I can remember working on it was Chris “Krispy” Collins."

This was a game being done for Electronic Arts, but thats about all we know at the moment as well as the information which Haydn has shared.

A lot more research needed for this one, can you help?…

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