Blinky In America


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

The third and final game in the Blinky game series sadly never quite came to life.

Mentioned at the end of Titanic Blinky, Arthur J Hackensack sends himself back in time to the Wild West in America just as the Titanic sinks. Blinky follows after him and hence leaves things in a cliffhanger for part 3.

Sadly things were never to be for reasons currently unknown. The only commercial mention is in an issue of Crash magazine which is referenced in the Spectrum based entry over at the World of Spectrum.

So what happened?… Crash mentioned the 3rd game back in March 1992, which was more than enough time for a C64 version to surface, as Zeppelin released C64 titles right up until 1993.

Maybe they couldn’t get a developer, or maybe the Titanic Blinky game just didn’t sell enough copies to warrant a 3rd game. We assume that if ever started, the same developer as Titanic Blinky would have been developing things.

We hope to hear and find out more soon about this lost 3rd game very soon…

More research needed…

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