Beep Boy


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

A game sadly scrapped back in 1997. A shame really, as it looks and plays very well. Beep Boy puts you in the control of a very cute yellow geezer, who shoots his way past robots and other creatures to pass each stage.

The level is awesome in design, and looks and plays just like a console platformer. If complete, I’m sure that this would have been a memorable C64 platformer.

The game looks to be fairly complete in the way of its physics and everything else, it just seems to be levels which are missing and a little bit extra to the gameplay. This really is as far as the game ever got.

The game was based on an engine developed by Martin Kristensen to demonstrate that a good hi-res extended mode graphics could be done on a C64 without any colour clash. This was started off in the form of Cave Wizard.

This game also shares the same engine with Blockman, which made us wonder why so many different games were started with the engine – but never progressed too far. Martin talks in Cave Wizard about how basically interest was lost in the C64 and that is simply why it never progressed.

Nothing to find now, and nothing else to expect. Check out a preview which had so much promise.

Contributions: Ramos/Samar/HVSC Crew

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22/03/21 – Fixed the name, incorrectly set as Bleep Boy.

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