Blockade Runner


Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

Blockade Runner was a game released onto the Intellivision system in 1983. The game involved trying to get your fleet of ships home, but on the way back they are stopped by a fleet of enemy ships. You have to blast your way through to get home in one piece.

Blockade Runner was also penned for release on the Commodore 64, but never surfaced. For years we have believed that it was potentially a GTW. Thanks to Robin the game HAS surfaced!… and its thanks to Robin Harbron, who has come across a copy of the game and has archived it over to PC.

Jakob Voos helped to confirm that the game was actually released, with an ebay auction coming up with the rare game.

So as a result, we can finally close the case on this game. It is safe and well digitally and we know it was released!

Case closed!

Contributions: Jacob Voos, Robin Harbron

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    • Thanks Andy – do you mean the auction photo? No need to send a photo – as we’ve closed the case on the game (now its confirmed as being released). Thanks for getting in touch though!

  1. I spoke to Craig Carmichael a few years back, who programmed Viking Raider for Interphase. He was pretty certain Blockade Runner and Sewer Sam were finished right before Interphase went under. I guess the proof of the former being sold gives hope that the latter is also out there somewhere.

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