The Horsekiller

Robert Olessak

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

The Horsekiller is a game by Robert Olessak, which is an unfinished sequel to his game called The Galleon.

Sadly, only an intro was developed for the game – but an impressive intro it is! Maybe the programmer had ran out of steam after doing the intro? We hope to find out soon.

The game would likely have been in the same style as The Galleon, with a full graphic text adventure that would have looked very polished. Based on the intro, we can only imagine how good the game would have been – and its a shame that it never quite made it!

Hopefully we will find out a little more about the plans for the game and why it was abandoned, but for now – check out the preview and accompanying notes in the download below. You can also read more about the game on the author’s website here:

Contributions: Jazzcat

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Available downloads

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