Boxing and Galactica 1 pack

I.G. Programs

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Our next entry is a double pack release which should have been sold by a company called I.G. Programs. It was reviewed in PCG 1984, Issue 8 and had an average score overall.

Boxing was to be a simple boxing title over 10 rounds to score as many points as possible. It was sort of like a clone of Activision’s Boxing on the Atari VCS. Looking at the only screenshot, it seems it may have been coded in BASIC as well.

The second game, Galactica 1 was the more advanced title – and was a pretty poor version of Galaxians. The game was described as slow moving.

So what happened? Was the pack actually released? Was it a bedroom coding and publishing effort that only sold a handful?

More soon we hope on this pack!

Contributions: Iain Black

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