Break Street


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This game and Pyramids of Time were supposed to be Firebird’s proof that budget games could be quality games too, according to sales manager of Telecomsoft, Martin Defries when he spoke to Soft magazine (1988, issue 2, pg. 9-10).

In Break Street you simply have to dance in the street. According to Soft magazine, the music was good. Not much is actually said about the game itself though. It sounds very similiar to Breakdance by Epyx, but hopefully much much better with any luck.

Zzap in issue 26 said the following…

"Hot on the heels of the latest Activision re-releases come four more golden oldies – Futureball, Pyramids of Time, Pitfall and BreakStreet.

The final offering is the antiquated BreakStreet, a breakdancing game which uses giant characters to generate the body-popping action."

When questioned about the game, Richard Hewison didn’t recall anything about it … but is hoping to ask Martin more about the game when he gets in touch with him. Though it has been confirmed that this is NOT a budget re-release of Creative Software’s game, so we ARE looking for an Activision game that never got even a full release.

This also might lead to some findings on Pyramids of Time which Gamebase 64 have been tracking for some years. The only thing apart from the info from Zzap is that the game likely shared the same artist as one who worked on a previous released Activision title. We’re not sure what one exactly though.

We don’t know anything about the developers just yet on this game, we hope to find out more soon though!

Do you know anything about this game?

Contributions: Richard Hewison, Anders Hansen

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